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The Qualities of A Successful PropTech Founder

A successful Data-driven and tech-savvy founder, an expert in the field of PropTech (Real Estate), and passionate about leading a company must have leadership qualities, expertise in product development and innovation, and an understanding of making their product/ service affordable.

In this video, we will discuss the qualities of a successful PropTech founder. They must be able to wear many hats well, and they must have a good sense of business, finance, programming, project management, and marketing.

Demetii Themelis is founder of Knock, a company that is defining a new category in the Multifamily Tech Stack: The Intelligent Front Office. Commercial multifamily owners & operators have lacked the software platform to attract, convert, and retain customers efficiently for too long. Knock provides the workflow tools and insights needed to optimize every stage of the revenue lifecycle! It has proudly served over 2M units operated by the fastest growing property management organizations in multifamily.

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