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Real estate is experiencing change at an incredible rate, and PropTech is disrupting real estate as never before. PropTechVC’s Zain Jaffer interviews guests from around the world, innovators who are changing how we manage properties, find the best real estate investments to buy, communicate with tenants and staff and a whole lot of other tasks necessary for success in real estate today. You’ll want to make sure you never miss a new episode of the PropTechVC newsletter.

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This newsletter highlights recent articles that Zain has been asked to contribute to both real estate industry publications as well as broader business outlets. These articles cover a wide range of topics, including PropTech, FinTech, ConTech and more!

Building a company from zero dollars to $780 million certainly created tons of opportunities for learning and growing, as does investing in real estate in today’s crazy market. As Zain was building his company, sometimes he hit upon just the right way to make a business move, and sometimes he had to learn the hard way. Zain shares both timely and timeless lessons on real estate investing, being a VC, navigating the rough seas of start-up funding and life hacks to succeed as an entrepreneur and CEO.

Real Estate Investment Memos

Because Zain is an influencer within PropTech, many real estate startups pitch him as the PropTechVC. He often writes up a memo about his investments, sharing why he is excited about a particular company and how he believes they are going to be real estate disruptors.

Real Estate/PropTech Podcast

The ProptechVC newsletter always features a recent episode of the ProptechVC podcast. Our podcasts are published on multiple platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, YouTube or Podbean) and in each real estate newsletter, we highlight key moments from our PropTechVC podcast interviews. If you’re in a hurry, you can jump to a specific point in our conversation that you’re most interested in hearing about, or simply click on the link and be taken to Zain‘s YouTube channel to listen/watch in its entirety.

Topics can range from talking about how AI is being radically applied to increase property security measures, how those who participate in short term stays and hotel personnel are increasing revenue through automated communications with guests, or how the power of blockchain is being harnessed for the construction industry.

In the PropTech VC newsletter, we summarize such articles and provide convenient links so that you can read the whole article as well.

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