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Lessons From My First Startups - Denis Mars of Proxy |

Denis Mars walks through his 3 startups and some of his key learnings from each company he founded. Here is a discussion about Lessons From My First Startups - Denis Mars of Proxy. Denis Mars is A Startup founder who enjoys Physics, Mech Eng, Code, Design, Products. Likes to build machines, write code, and create things that disrupt the status quo. Founder of Proxy,, and Embedster. He has had three Y-combinator startups, and his newest startup, Proxy, has raised over $60m in funding. ⇛ Proxy is a new simpler way to access your office, building, or apartment. Founded in 2016, their mission is to digitize your physical presence and make it universally accessible. Their first product is a dead-simple way to access your office or building with just your phone, without even so much as pulling it out of your pocket. ----- Proxy provides a smartphone-enabled digital identity that enables the user to authenticate and interact with all devices. Proxy is on a mission to empower every person on the planet with a unique identity signal they own and control. The PropTech VC Podcast

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