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Finding Early Adopters | About PropTech Industry & Raising Capital vs. Alternatives

In this section of the podcast, Denis Mars and Zain Jaffer discuss some very interesting topics like Finding Early Adopters--should that be a choice or not? There are some insights about the PropTech Industry and a lot more. Denis Mars is A Startup founder who enjoys Physics, Mech Eng, Code, Design, Products, likes to build machines, write code, and create things that disrupt the status quo. Founder of Proxy,, and Embedster, he has had three Y-combinator startups, and his newest startup, Proxy, has raised over $60m in funding. Here is a discussion about Finding Early Adopters and About PropTech Industry & Raising Capital vs. Alternatives. ⇛ This includes: 00:00 Intro 00:11 Finding Early Adopters as an obvious first step 02:44 Create different products or suggest the same core products for the two segments 06:27 About PropTech Industry: Zain Jaffer 08:46 Building owners literally are sitting on the next app store 11:32 Raising Capital vs. Alternatives

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