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Importance of Technology in PropTech & Real Estate!

The discussion continues with Jacob elucidating that he is presently focusing on syndication technology software engineering more than the real estate business and Importance of Technology in PropTech & Real Estate. Zain asks Jacob if software engineering is more lucrative than real estate, and he answers affirmatively. He further emphasizes how leveraging software instigated exponential growth in his company. Talking more about the relationship between real estate and technology, Zain implores Jacob to explain how technology can improve real estate physically. In turn, Jacob talks about renewable energy and self-sustaining homes. He also explicates the importance of sleep. ⇛ Delving fully into bedroom décor, Jacob explains the mechanism of Sleep Canvas: A device that improves the quality of sleep by regulating temperature, drowning out noise, and generally filtering the area. He says that the inspiration to create Sleep Canvas emanated from his own personal experience.

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