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How a Commercial Lead to a Successful Startup Portfolio in PropTech

Hello creative people, today we are back with a really inspiring and quite insightful story which discusses real-life events of our guest, Jacob Blackett, who is an entrepreneur, running 3 companies and also a real estate investor who took a loan from his grandmother and got him established in prop-tech. ⇛ We all hate being controlled by someone, and even in those situations, he managed to pull that stunt out and how to take a risk in vulnerable situations. All this feels like I am talking about you, right? Well, we all face this kind of thing. How can we endure this situation without quitting and how can we make a fortune out of the misery? this video will teach you to be smart and tough even if you stand on the edge of the cliff. Here is a discussion about How a Commercial Leads to a Successful Startup Portfolio in PropTech.

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