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Enabling Tenants to Earn Equity Through Rent

Up&Up is a real estate platform allowing renters to make their money go further. By making every resident a part-owner in the home of their choice, Up&Up helps them build a nest egg whenever they’re ready to buy their home or cash out. The Founders of Up&Up came with this unique idea so that tenants can cover themselves as homeowners over some time by leveraging equity. It’s a flexible, forward-thinking alternative to the traditional rental model that enriches tenants and their future. In this episode, we’re joined by Benedict Wong & Spencer Granelli. We cover: - Initial idea generation for Up&Up - Concept of Rental arbitrage and converting tenants to homeowners - Earning equity through rent - How Up&Up assists their customers by financing - Making people understand the benefits of the Up&Up model of converting tenants to investors

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