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Using Proptech to Create Scalable Properties

Using proptech to create scalable properties is a new way of thinking about property management. It's not just about maximizing profits and cutting costs; it's about creating a business model to grow with your company.

This video looks at how proptech is changing the way we think about property management and how you can use that change to your advantage. Proptech uses technology for real estate, and it's a great way to ensure that your business runs efficiently and effectively.

Envoy provides shared Mobility as an Amenity for communities where people live, work and stay. Envoy is the leading provider of on-demand shared electric vehicles. Envoy vehicles are located in dedicated parking spaces at apartment complexes, hotels, workplaces, etc. They provide a turnkey solution that includes EV infrastructure, an all-electric fleet, fleet maintenance, insurance, a full-service mobile app, customer support, and robust analytics.

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