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The Politics of Affordable Housing

Jupe is a high-design prefab shelter technology company, building products enabling short-term travelers to escape into the wilds of nature while remaining plugged in. Founded by Jeff Wilson, a modular housing and design innovator, Jupe was designed and built by former SpaceX, Tesla, and Airbnb employees. Jupe’s design is inspired by cosmic aesthetics with a comfortable, modern interior. Jupe units are available for pre-order in December 2020, with the first deliveries expected in Spring 2021. To learn more about Jupe, please visit Each Jupe unit is shipped as part of a chassis foundation that can be flat-packed to roam anywhere, without regard to the electrical grid, and is assembled in hours. Pre-orders for the Jupe units are now available for a refundable $99, with first deliveries in Spring 2021.

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