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Grants & Raising Funds for PropTech - Startups Funding

In this video, Zain will be sharing his own challenges and problems and how he came up with solutions that can balance all the issues at once. ⇛ On the other hand, our expert guest will be asking questions to Zain about his experiences, challenges and also Zain would be explaining that why he mentioned the prop-tech as the upcoming multi-trillion dollars industry and what are the other three sectors which can create such a fortune in upcoming times and why he would think that these industries can make a difference. ⇛ So stay tuned and gather all the information you can who knows the next trillion-dollar industry is your own startup; it may be possible and maybe not, but after watching this video, at least you will learn how to try in the right way. Grants & Raising Funds for PropTech - Startups Funding | Ieva Sibilla Strupule & Zain Jaffer

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