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From South Side Chicago to Entrepreneurship - Chicago's South Side

⇛ Our guest in this video, Daniel Kwak, is a real estate entrepreneur and a youth mentor. His parents were immigrants from South Korea. As we begin, he explains that he grew up poor and had uneventful teenage years. Going on, he relays how growing up poor shaped his entrepreneurial mindset. "My parents gave me the gift of poverty," he says. According to him, the poverty he experienced as a child is one of the factors that contributed to making him what he is today. ⇛ Later, I also narrate my experiences as an immigrant to Daniel and how they contributed to my growth. Afterward, Daniel and I shared how we got into real estate and how we became entrepreneurs. As we slowly end the first part of our conversation, we discuss the importance of tech in industries and entrepreneurship. Specifically, we talk about technology in the real estate sector, its growth, and how it affects the market in the long and short run. Here is a discussion about From South Side Chicago to Entrepreneurship.

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