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Laurent Grill

Managing Partner,
JLL Spark

About Laurent Grill

aurent is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist collaborating with start-ups to successfully build scalable teams, strong company cultures, and disruptive products. Laurent believes there is a need for additional support within the early-stage ecosystem in budding technology hubs in the US and globally. His desire to support these growing tech communities led to his current role as Partner at JLL Spark in September 2021, focusing on strategic PropTech investments.

Laurent has founded, expanded, and managed multiple start-ups ranging from a tech-enabled corporate catering company, Eat Club, to a leader in the mobile health and wellness space, Zeel. His experience working in the early-stage startup scene has given him the tools necessary to understand the needs of founders in the infancies of their companies.

Laurent holds a B.A. in International Relations and Occupational Science from the University of Southern California. He is based in Los Angeles.