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Edip Pektas

Managing Partner,
Inoa Ventures

About Edip Pektas

dip has helped build multiple companies in different sectors ranging from banking and finance to agriculture technology. He is curious about learning about anything and everything that would make his life and others' more enjoyable.

After starting his career as a trader overseeing an arbitrage strategy, In 2004, he joined a group of investment bankers to raise capital for hedge funds, and advise many others with operations management and marketing. Further, in this capacity, he helped raise millions for various transactions ranging from alternative energy to telecom. He ran his family office for 6 years where he spearheaded the investment of family capital into a number of technology companies and real estate transactions both in the US and overseas and generated over 3x return on investment and over $50 million sales and transaction revenue for portfolio companies.

He aspires to live a century long and hope to partner up, help build and grow companies that matter to the common folk.